Fee                           Level of game (with/without partner)

$116.00                        Varsity Game with partner
$174.00                        Varsity Game without partner**
$  88.00                        Jr. Varsity Game with partner
$132.00                        Jr. Varsity Game without partner**
$  76.00                        Middle School game with partner and no 5 - quarters*
$  87.50                        Middle School game with partner* (5-quarters)
$114.00                        Middle School game without partner**
$125.50                        Middle School game without partner*&** (5-quarter)
Late Fee                      Is 1/4 of the Regular Game Fee*** 26 Min   (all levels)
$ 37.00                        Travel Fee** (for all levels)
2018  Referee Fee Schedule  
Nassau County Girls Soccer Official Association               ncgsoa.org
*    Most JHB games should be 5 quarters or extended quarters, if
you referee a 5 quarter or extended game call Boces the next day.
**   Must report to Boces on the following morning..
***  Must fill out a late slip and send it to Boces the following day.
Office of  Interscholastic Athletics - Section VIII
Nassau BOCES Administrative Center
P. O. Box 9195 - 71 Clinton Road
Garden City, NY 11530-9195

Phone: (516) 396-2446  or 396-2488
Fax: (516) 997-2916 or 2018