Nassau County Girls Soccer Officials
The scrimmage list will be updated daily and is in Excel:
Starting late August 2019

Once you have completed your scrimmage and had the coaches sign your
post card with the scrimmage  information send the completed card to

David Poli
126 William Road
Massapequa, NY 11758

A soccer scrimmage may not exceed a total of 100 minutes in one day.
Unlimited substitutions are permitted  on any out of bounds ball.
The length for the periods of play is to be determined by the coach's
not to exceed 40 minutes in any one period: halves, three periods,quarters.   
Scoreboards are not to be used for keeping score , but may be used for       
time only. The clock will begin with the goalkeeper in possession of the ball.
When a goal is scored, play will be restarted with goalie possession. The
goalie may restart play with a goal kick, goalie throw, or goalie punt.

Red cards or an ejection by a certified official will carry over to the next
regular contest. Yellow cards do not carry over. But two yellow cards to the
same player in a scrimmage will become a red.