Nassau County Girls Soccer Officials Association              ncgsoa.org
Nassau County Girls Soccer Official Association
The Nassau County Girls Soccer Official Association (NCGSOA) is a        
non-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York. NCGSOA  
is responsible for officiating all Nassau County Public School girls           
soccer games.  The association is comprised of 168 soccer officials,
certified at various levels of competition.
Executive Board
William Busch
2 Year Term - Ends year End 2017
David Poli
2 Year Term - Ends Year End 2017
Secretary / Treasurer
Brad Patterson
2 Year Term - Ends Year End 2016
Past Chairperson
Joe Pellechi
2 Year Term - Ends year End 2017
David Poli
Appointed By President
Member- at- large
Kathy Waters
3 Year Term - Ends Year End 2016
Member- at- large
Angelo Carro
3 Year Term - Ends Year End 2017
Member- at- large
Carol O'Sullivan
3 Year Term - Ends Year End 2018
O.C.C Representative
Mike Labrys
Appointed By President

                 PRESIDENT'S WELCOME LETTER 2016


    Welcome to another season of Nassau County Girls High
School Soccer.  I hope a good summer was had by all.  It is
now time to start getting in shape and getting you uniform
ready for the upcoming season.

    The Executive Board is available to all the membership, so
if you have a question please feel free to call.  All of the Board
members are posted on the website.

    This is the first year that we have to take the test on line. It
is difficult not having a copy of the test to do before taking the
test on line, but you can take the test up to 99 times until you
can attain a passing mark.  The Part 1 test must be completed
by August 15.  If you do not complete the test by August 15,
you will have to take the Part 2 test, which must be completed
by September 1
3.  If you have passed the Part 1 test, you do
not have to take the Part 2 test. If you don’t complete, and pass
either test, you will not be able to work this year. Remember to
send an image or scan of your passing grade to David Poli

    Just a reminder that if you attend our Interpretation Meeting
and our General Membership Meeting, which follows, you will
only have to attend one of the next two meeting.  If you attend
another Board’s Interpretation Meeting, you will have to make
the next two General Membership Meetings. If for some
reason an emergency situation comes up, and you cannot
make a meeting, call or email Brad Patterson (Secretary), or

    The interpretation Meeting will start at 7:30 in the Island
Trees HS auditorium and the General Membership Meeting will
start right after.  Packets/rule books will be given out at the
interpretation.  All members are REQUIRED to sign the
attendance sheets at the end of every General Membership
Meeting to receive credit for attending – no sign-in, no credit! If
you attend the boy’s Interpretation Meeting, let Brad know so
he can give you your packet at the meeting.  Make sure you
sign in at the boy’s meeting.  If you must attend another
interpretation meeting, which are posted on the website, make
sure you sign in with their secretary.  I don’t recommend going
to the NY City board Interpretation Meeting - you may be there
3 hours!

    BOCES:  Keep your availability up to date.  If you have
trouble getting to some schools make sure you let BOCES
know which zones you want to work.  If you must turn back a
game and you have a good reason, let Mike Labrys (OCC rep)
know, and you can get the proper forms on the website.

    Have a great season, and I will be available for questions, or

Bill Busch    - Chairperson